The Accident Page

On Saturday March 7th, 1998 my '96 Mustang GT was violently struck throwing it forward.
But.. Since this thing is built like a tank, There is almost NO Damage!

(I have not taken this to the dealer yet to have the entire car check out.  I'll update this page when I get the details)

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While working hard on a Saturday morning, I got a call that my car had been hit.  I didn't believe it at first, but I went and look out the window and my car looked fine, but I went outside anyway.   This is what I found when I got out to it.
My car had been hit from behind throwing it forward about 2 feet, and up a 6 inch curb!  I quickly grabbed my digital camera, and started snapping pictures (I knew this thing would come in handy!) To my amazement there was no visable damage!!  This thing must be built like a tank!   This is the second time I've been rear ended in this car, and I had minimal damage from the first on (a bunch of very fine scratches from a 5mph hit) and no damage from this!
I was very lucky It didn't go forward another 6 inches, or I would have gone over the edge and hit the pole!!
This is the only visable damage I could find on the car. 
This must have hit the 6 inch curb as it was going up.
The damage could have been worse, but the car that hit me hit the concrete base of the light post.  This took alot of the force of the hit, but my car still must have taken quite a jolt.
This is the rolling distance of the car that hit me.
The idiot was parked her car (not in an actual spot!) and must not have put it in park, or set the brake (I didn't check if she had a stick or automatic).  As she was walking away, it rolled into my car.
Her car took a heck of alot more damage than mine did. (thank god!)  The concrete base she hit really did a number on her bumper!
I noticed this on her bumper.. I though maybe she had a bumper sticker that she took off.  I kind of looks like it says BUM.
After staring at it for awhile, I realized it was the dirt transfered from my bumper, and it actually says MUSTANG!!!
 These pictures were taken with my Sharp VE-LC1U digital camera.  Check out the details.