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These are cars I have driven on a regular basis.


<9/87 - 8/88>  1983 Ford Escort. (photo not of actual car)  I started off with this car when I started driving in 1987.  My parents bought this car used in 1986 as the new 'kids car' to replace our 1971 Olds Cutlass.  I don't recall the size of the engine, but I imagine it was a 2.0l or less.  It defiantly wasn't very peppy.  We got rid of this car a year later when the transmission started to go. 

<8/88 - 9/91>  1985 Dodge Caravan.  (photo not of actual car)  This was a hand-me-down from the parents.  They bought a 1989 Grand Caravan to replace it, gave me the old Caravan and got rid of the 1993 Escort.  The Caravan had a 2.6l 4 cylinder engine.    This was my 'party van' in my late teens.  I got my first ticket in this van. It was when I was 18, cruising around after a concert.  I pulled up next to a camaro at a red light and we just hit it when it turned green (you can see where this is going!)..  Anyways, I was winning :) but had the bad luck of flying by a cop.  The first thing he said to me was 'what are you doing racing a camaro in this thing?'  He says he clocked me at 76 in a 35 zone!  I had to go to court for it, but somehow I was only fined $62!!  I got into all sorts of mischief in this van.

<9/91 - 11/93>  This is my 1991 Dodge Shadow.  My parents bought this as the new 'kids car' when the Caravan was getting old and we started having various problems.  This is still my family's current 'kids car'.  The shadow has a 2.0l engine.  This is the most wrecked car I have ever heard of.  My brother backed up the car with the door open into a bush.  He later put it into a retaining wall while going down an icy driveway, damaging it on 3 sides and almost totaling it.  I was rear ended on the highway by a drunk messing up the trunk lid and taillights.  You can see the damage in the picture just in front of the door, and the rear bumper cover hanging out on the drivers side.  No one has admitted to that damage, and I think my parents are tired of paying to fix it since those have been there over a year.  I stopped driving this car on a regular basis when I had the fortune of getting my own car.

<11/93 - 7/96>  1993 Geo Tracker.  (photo not of actual car)  I actually won this car while I was working at King's Island.  Paramount took over in 1993 and decided to have a end of year incentive contest to keep employees around until the end of the season.  There were hundreds of prizes the gave away; paramount videos, shirts, electronics, a Geo Storm and the Tracker.  I really wanted one of the big screen tvs, but I made do :-)    The Tracker had a 1.6l engine, but it was actually kind of peppy due to it's light weight, and the fact that it had a manual transmission.  This is the first car I've ever had with a manual transmission.  I've driven a couple other manuals before, but this is the first I've ever driven on a regular basis, and I will never go back!!  A stick shift give you so much more control, It makes driving so much more fun.  The Track was fun to drive since it was small, light, RWD and a stick shift.  In January 1994 I was driving back to school in very snowy conditions.  I hit a patch of ice going around 45mph, fish tailed back and forth a couple times and put it into the median of I-75.  I was so deep in the snow, I had to call a tow truck to get out!   Driving Tip : When driving a rwd car with a manual trans, hit the clutch when you go over a patch of ice.  Otherwise your the engine will slow your wheels and you will lose it. That's what happened to me.   I got rid of the tracker when I had the bucks to get a  real car.

<7/96 - Present>  (WEBPAGE)  1996 Ford Mustang GT.  Need I say this the the best car I have ever driven??  As soon as I got a real job when I got out of college and was making reasonable money, I bought the Mustang.  It's got a 4.6l V8, 215 horse power and damned wide tires (245/ZR45 17inch rims).  It's got the best stock stereo that I've ever heard with the Mach 460 system (by JBL I think) with cd player.  Often, I can't decide if I should crank up the stereo, or turn it off and listen to the awesome sound of the engine/exhaust.   Believe it or not, in the 3 years I have had this car I have never been pulled over (damned, I didn't just jinx myself, did I?).  I have taken this car up to 130 (on a remote country road).  I can't say enough good things about this car.   I am almost due for some new tires.  I've driven these hard, but I have only lit them up a few times.  A set of tires will probably run me around $800!!
The only modification I have done is add an Alpine alarm system.  Mods I would like to do are: Lower it about an inch, get a louder exhaust system and add some white racing stripes.
Finally got new tires, Pirelli P7000's.  Mods: Foglight Rewire, Removed Air Intake Silencer, K&N Filter, Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter, Leather Shift Knob, Carbon Fiber Headlight Covers.

<6/98 - Present>  1980 Honda CB650 Motorcycle  -   My first motorcycle.  This has made a great first bike.  I've never really ridden before, but I picked it up fast.  My only problem now is waiting for good weather so I can ride it!  I like to ride it to work, but in the morning, if it's not <50 degrees, it's raining!  I rode quite a bit last summer.  It was about to turn 11,000 miles when I bought it, and it's already up to 14,000!

<10/98 - Present>  (WEBPAGE)  1973 Bronco -   I needed something to get me thru the winter when my Mustang had trouble in the snow.  I found this classic Bronco and I loved it!  It's got a 302ci Engine (5.0l).  I've done alot of work on it so far and I plan on alot more work on it since it still looks like a beater.  It's very capable offroad... its gotten out of some jams when I thought it was really stuck.  Early Bronco's have a huge following on the web and there are plenty of parts and mods available for it.   Check out my Bronco Webpage for more info.

Future plans : (old plans)  In a month or so I'm going to buy a motorcycle.   Eventually I may get some sort of 4 x 4 since the Mustang isn't that great in the snow.  Someday I hope to buy a '66 or '67 Mustang fastback to restore.  I'd like to paint it white with blue racing stripes like the Shelby GT-350.  If I ever do that I'll add some white racing stripes to my '96 Mustang.  The two side by side should look awesome!


 These pictures were taken with my Sharp VE-LC1U digital camera.  Check out the details.


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